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How Is Everyone?

Amazing that I haven’t written since February. I mean, really, anyone can take a look through and see that I’m not particularly consistent, but…just…wow. I won’t bother making excuses, but I will say that I have done a fair bit of knitting and crochet. Soon I will finish my new top, and I’m super excited about that.

I hope the day finds you all well. And I would really love hear from anyone who is prepping for NaNoWriMo this November. Their site has just been reset and there are a few new features that look really fun.

I have added my novel title and cover to the site, and started planning. I haven’t made it to an outline yet, but I’ve started some character building and world building.


16 Days

…the countdown has begun. 🙂


What to Say After an Absence…

I have no idea. 😀

(I also have no excuse for my long absence, just busy like everyone else).

So I’ll skip it, and just dive back in with a little first paragraph from a story.

Anyone who would like to offer constructive criticism is welcome to do so.

She could taste the blood from the inside of her lip. Her face pressed hard against the stone wall, and she pushed away the pain as Tobias twisted her arm and pressed it into her back harder. She inhaled as deeply as she could with his weight crushing against her, then in swift succession grabbed the hand that pinned her arm back, exhaled, and stepped left, dropping and turning to free the arm. But she wasn’t fast enough. He had already hooked his leg around hers and held fast to her hand. They both fell to the ground. The hard thump as her back fell square against the stone floor knocked the wind out of her. She struggled to regain her breath and the towering figure caught himself on his knees, the brunt of his weight firmly pressed into her pelvis as he took advantage of her hesitation, and secured her wrists above her head.

Happy Birthday Theodor Giesel!!

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.
Dr. Seuss
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/d/dr_seuss.html#H3wFpALzEE6XyitS.99

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but Dr. Seuss is my all time favorite author. Over the years some have said that it’s silly that as an adult this guy remains my favorite, yet who cannot learn a lesson from this master. His talent is without scope. Both fun and serious, his books allow for life lessons under the guise of a child-like imagination. While there are other authors that I both love and envy, this man was the all time best!

…And despite the sometimes criticism that I receive, I know that I am not alone. So go on now, pick out your favorite and read it again. It won’t take long.

Did You Eat Turkey Today?

I did not, strangely enough. So, even though I know there are a number of international readers here who won’t be celebrating the holiday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. For those of you not celebrating…I’m thankful for you just the same and hope that you have had a wonderful day.

For my fellow NaNoWriMo participants, I assume that you can see the sad little status bar on the right of my page. I sure hope you are doing better than me. My finances have not been where I like them to be and I just think I’ve been too stressed to be able to concentrate. So my paltry 735 words may stand as they are this month. Meanwhile I take solace in the fact that I made the full 50,000 words in August and finished the novel just two weeks later.

Best of Luck to you all!!!

I Dare Ya!!

I love the DARES on the NaNoWriMo forums (This is one of the many things I do to waste time while waiting for inspiration to strike). 🙂 You should definitely check it out if you get the chance, but just for fun I’ve copied just a few of them here for you to check out.

(I did not make up any of these, but they are free for anyone to use.)

Make your characters play ‘The Game.’
BP if someone says, “I lost the game” at the climax.
DBP if the game is a plot point.
TBP if the game isn’t ever explained.

Give someone an out of character hobby.
BP: If you can justify it.
DBP: If it plays into the bigger picture of the story.

have a character who speaks exclusively in metaphors.
+ if the metaphors never make any sense.
++ if everyone else understands what the character is saying anyway.

include a character with a social networking addiction.
+ if they stop at crucial points in the plot to update facebook/twitter/tumblr/whatever.
++ if they do this at the most inopportune moments possible.
+++ if, while doing this, they say things like “wait! my facebook friends/followers/etc. would think this is HILARIOUS.”
++++ if they say this in the middle of a beheading.

include a character who is constantly pointing out symbolism in the novel.
+ if the things they talk about aren’t actually symbolizing anything.
++ if they are.
+++ and a large cake if you’re parodying your high school english teacher.

Just make the MC be a time traveler or something….
Quadruple bonus points if they’re updating facebook in a medieval castle.

Have a character killed by the Travelling Shovel of Death (but that’s hardly a dare! WAIT, interrupting parenthesis) and explicitly identify it as the Travelling Shovel of Death.
BP if the shovel-ee is otherwise immortal and can only be killed by a metafictional artifact.
DBP if the plot involves a quest to acquire the Travelling Shovel of Death.
TBP if this quest involves visits to the Nanovels of other Nanoers using the Travelling Shovel of Death.
QBP if you type the name of the Travelling Shovel of Death out in full every time that you refer to the Travelling Shovel of Death.
SBP if your nanovel is an academic history of NaNoWriMo itself using the quest for the Travelling Shovel of Death as a framing device.
BNP if the person killed with the Shovel is a white supremacist.

Have a character meet Jenny Everywhere. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny_Everywhere)
+BP: Have Jenny Everywhere be a major character.
+DBP: Have Jenny’s universe-shifting powers be explained.
+TBP: Make her powers a major plot point.

Kill your protagonist in every scene.
BP if nobody notices.
DBP if it’s never explained why or how that happens.
TBP if it is nevertheless intrinsic to the plot.

Name all of your characters with anagrams of Ian Woon.
BP: If you also have important plot objects named with an anagram (Like a Win a Moron contest. )
DBP: If no one notices this in the story.
TBP: If everyone notices this in the story and makes fun of it.

Write your novel in future tense.

…and that’s the second time I’ve lost The Game today. (For anyone not familiar, the rules for The Game are pretty simple). I hope everyone is having fun prepping for November.

Where Does the Time Go?

Time flies when you’re having fun. Sometimes even when you are not. I did two critiques for Critters this week. I’ve discovered that I am shamefully behind. One per week, that is all that is required. When I joined the group I could not fathom that it would be too much, and to be honest even now I have to say that it’s really not unreasonable. Yet, I have fallen waaayyy behind. I’m barely doing one a month. You know how it happens. First – It’s just one week, I’ll catch up. No big deal. Then – I’m just too busy, maybe I’ll do extra next week. But next week comes again and again and still nothing. Until eventually – Well, now it’s not even worth it, I’m so far behind it’s overwhelming…I’ll never catch up so I might as well not try.

Except that I am going to try. I’ve set myself a goal of two per week. I’ve decided it’s the best way. I mean, I could take a week off work and just get them all done at once, but really, will I? Not likely. I’ll have a million more excuses not to do them all at once. There’s the afghan that needs finishing, or the sweater, plus I need to start the Christmas gift knitting, and don’t forget that I need to do and outline for NaNoWriMo. November is coming up soon.

🙂  Hahaha…I have a never-ending inventory of excuses. So two for now, and two next week. I can handle it. At least until November. Then…we’ll see. Now I’m off to work on that afghan, and maybe I’ll mull over some ideas for that NaNo outline while I’m crocheting.

How Do You Get In the Mood to Write?

Glencar Falls, Ireland

This photo helps me. At least on my current story. I sometimes struggle to get into the mood to do any writing (this is a problem I have in many areas). Since my current fantasy novel involves a cross-country journey, this photo is perfect to get my mind-set for wilderness. And it brings back some great memories of my trip to Ireland.

I would love to go back and do a hiking trip across the country. It is beautiful country.

How do you get in the right mindset?