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No News is Good News…

First, my apologies for missing the regular Friday post, but I do have a decent excuse. Besides the fact that this last month has been super busy (OT at work, NatCroMo projects, keeping up with the hubby’s band schedule, oh yeah, and that kid I still have at home sometimes), I was also graced this last weekend with a new grandson. Yay!!!

Second, gratuitous baby pic, cause you know you want to see…



Third…it’s camp time…no silly it’s too cold still for real camping. It’s time for the 2013 CampNaNoWriMo! Which I will be joining, so if once again I seem to fall off the face of the earth, know that I am really just one story line away, and I shall return. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and a wonderful holiday!


Happy Birthday Theodor Giesel!!

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.
Dr. Seuss
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/d/dr_seuss.html#H3wFpALzEE6XyitS.99

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but Dr. Seuss is my all time favorite author. Over the years some have said that it’s silly that as an adult this guy remains my favorite, yet who cannot learn a lesson from this master. His talent is without scope. Both fun and serious, his books allow for life lessons under the guise of a child-like imagination. While there are other authors that I both love and envy, this man was the all time best!

…And despite the sometimes criticism that I receive, I know that I am not alone. So go on now, pick out your favorite and read it again. It won’t take long.

Did You Eat Turkey Today?

I did not, strangely enough. So, even though I know there are a number of international readers here who won’t be celebrating the holiday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. For those of you not celebrating…I’m thankful for you just the same and hope that you have had a wonderful day.

For my fellow NaNoWriMo participants, I assume that you can see the sad little status bar on the right of my page. I sure hope you are doing better than me. My finances have not been where I like them to be and I just think I’ve been too stressed to be able to concentrate. So my paltry 735 words may stand as they are this month. Meanwhile I take solace in the fact that I made the full 50,000 words in August and finished the novel just two weeks later.

Best of Luck to you all!!!

Memorial Day

I hope everyone has gotten to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. Sadly, I had to work today, but that didn’t keep me from having a great time over the weekend. My cousin, his wife and dad had a huge cookout in Brandenburg (read middle of nowhere). They went all out this year. They’ve put in a pool and a 175 ft slip n’ slide. My cousin and my uncle own adjoining properties in the country and the amount of land they have, for non-farmers at least, is pretty impressive. Needless to say the kids ran wild until they ran out of energy and the grown ups alternated between the shade and the air conditioning. Although some of us did brave the pool with the kids. Even though I didn’t want to get in with all of those small children in the pool, I was really glad I did. It was a great way to cool down, and I stayed cool after I got out.

In other news…several of my poor plants still need to be put in. In the last week, I still haven’t managed to get much done, but I just keep tending everything. This has been  the hottest week so far this year (96 degrees yesterday), so everything has to be watered. The tomatoes have held up better than I thought they would and need to be staked now as some of them are getting too top-heavy.

Happy Gardening!

Tomatoes and Watermelon Seeds

The tomatoes and strawberries are in the ground. Yay!! I don’t have a tiller and the space had to be dug up and prepped by hand. It was a lot of work, so I really hope its worth it. I put in four Delicious Tomato plants and six Red Grape Tomato plants. The six strawberries went in today too, all with a little help from my youngest step daughter. Now to make room for the watermelon. I started them from seed just last Sunday and already have nine good, strong-looking plants. They will need a lot more room, but I believe I’ve picked a good spot. We will see.

This morning my step daughter and I were fortunate enough to make it to Bernheim forest for their plant sale, and they had the eastern redbud trees I’ve been looking for, and though considerably smaller, much more reasonably priced than the nurseries near me (Nursery want $100 each, and I paid $15 each). The trees are all 2 – 3 feet tall and ready for planting. I’m so excited about finally getting them. So now the trees and the Cannas need to be planted, and then I’ll just have the watermelon left.

I’m so excited about gardening this year that its kinda funny. I have no idea why, maybe its just because of the new house, but whatever, I’m having a blast, and some of the kids are getting a pretty big kick out of it too.

Happy planting!!

ETA: Also, I’m very excited to report that everything I’ve planted so far (geraniums, cherry trees, sweet peas) have all survived.


Woohoos are in order. Two more Sweet Pea saplings came up so now I’m up to five. Yay. I transplanted them into the yard on Saturday. In other gardening news, I have planted two semi-dwarf cherry trees in the front yard … Continue reading


I don’t often discuss my work online and that really has a lot to do with the privacy of my clients. I work in the field of social work. More specifically I work for a residential girls treatment facility. Ours is a therapeutic facility (not boot camp) for “troubled” teen-aged girls. Just to give you an idea, I work at the Campus Facility which houses approximately 68 girls in 5 “dorms.” Note the private school terminology which is specifically designed to make our clients feel as if they are not in jail. We also have 3 community based homes, 2 of which house girls, and one for boys. Most of our clients were recently released from psychiatric care and are in need of continued services. I used to work in the dorms, on third shift, and often picked up additional shifts. This was a tough job. I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but getting cussed at or threatened nearly every day could wear on your nerves very quickly. Unfortunately its often easy to forget why you are there, and how much these girls need us, since they work very hard to keep from forming strong attachments.

Now I have the best job of all. I am a Youth Counselor/Transportation. That means that I have an office that I work out of, a regular (mostly) schedule, and my contact with the clients is outside their daily routine (read, I don’t get cussed at very often anymore). I enjoy my job even more now, and I often get to spend time with the clients that is fun.

I’ve told you all that to share this, I received this email recently and it was just such a great “pick-me-up” that I wanted to share:

I know you hear “thank you’s” and “we appreciate you’s” a lot, but I want to say a special “Bless you” to you for all of the hard work you do to help our girls. You are much more than a ride to the school, or a ride home, or someone “staffing” a kid that we don’t know what to do with at the moment. You are someone that our girls feel comfortable and safe sharing news about their pass, or worries about their family, or one I just heard – that you help the girls relax and take a break from reality by playing the radio and singing as loud as you all want:) I’ve heard you have a really good singing voice by the way, and should consider entering the talent show next year 😛

Please know that those moments you have with our girls really do make a difference.

That was sent to me by one of our Program Managers (she used to be the Therapist across the hall from me). It really made my day. I swear I work with some of the best people!!

In case anyone is curious, I had taken a client (16 yo. girl) to visit her mother who was in jail. She was initially upset because we wouldn’t let her take a bunch of clothes and food for this visit, and she really didn’t have a lot to say on the way down. I was however, able to get her to open up a little, and I let her choose the music she wanted to listen to.  It turned out that this young lady had an affinity for the “Country Legends” and we listened to a station that was dedicated to that for just a little while. (She hadn’t made this confession right away). On the hour and a half ride back, however, we listened to this station the whole way, and she was very excited that I knew most of the songs. So we took turns guessing at the singers and we sang as we drove back.

I hadn’t really thought much of it. We had a good time, but I nothing that I would have thought out of the ordinary, until the next day when the dorm supervisor stopped by my office to tell me how much fun this girl had had, and that she had been talking about it all evening. What a wonderful reminder that “it’s the little things that count.”

Do something nice for someone today. It doesn’t have to be big, it still makes a big difference.