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What to Say After an Absence…

I have no idea. 😀

(I also have no excuse for my long absence, just busy like everyone else).

So I’ll skip it, and just dive back in with a little first paragraph from a story.

Anyone who would like to offer constructive criticism is welcome to do so.

She could taste the blood from the inside of her lip. Her face pressed hard against the stone wall, and she pushed away the pain as Tobias twisted her arm and pressed it into her back harder. She inhaled as deeply as she could with his weight crushing against her, then in swift succession grabbed the hand that pinned her arm back, exhaled, and stepped left, dropping and turning to free the arm. But she wasn’t fast enough. He had already hooked his leg around hers and held fast to her hand. They both fell to the ground. The hard thump as her back fell square against the stone floor knocked the wind out of her. She struggled to regain her breath and the towering figure caught himself on his knees, the brunt of his weight firmly pressed into her pelvis as he took advantage of her hesitation, and secured her wrists above her head.