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What to Say After an Absence…

I have no idea. 😀

(I also have no excuse for my long absence, just busy like everyone else).

So I’ll skip it, and just dive back in with a little first paragraph from a story.

Anyone who would like to offer constructive criticism is welcome to do so.

She could taste the blood from the inside of her lip. Her face pressed hard against the stone wall, and she pushed away the pain as Tobias twisted her arm and pressed it into her back harder. She inhaled as deeply as she could with his weight crushing against her, then in swift succession grabbed the hand that pinned her arm back, exhaled, and stepped left, dropping and turning to free the arm. But she wasn’t fast enough. He had already hooked his leg around hers and held fast to her hand. They both fell to the ground. The hard thump as her back fell square against the stone floor knocked the wind out of her. She struggled to regain her breath and the towering figure caught himself on his knees, the brunt of his weight firmly pressed into her pelvis as he took advantage of her hesitation, and secured her wrists above her head.


Where Does the Time Go?

Time flies when you’re having fun. Sometimes even when you are not. I did two critiques for Critters this week. I’ve discovered that I am shamefully behind. One per week, that is all that is required. When I joined the group I could not fathom that it would be too much, and to be honest even now I have to say that it’s really not unreasonable. Yet, I have fallen waaayyy behind. I’m barely doing one a month. You know how it happens. First – It’s just one week, I’ll catch up. No big deal. Then – I’m just too busy, maybe I’ll do extra next week. But next week comes again and again and still nothing. Until eventually – Well, now it’s not even worth it, I’m so far behind it’s overwhelming…I’ll never catch up so I might as well not try.

Except that I am going to try. I’ve set myself a goal of two per week. I’ve decided it’s the best way. I mean, I could take a week off work and just get them all done at once, but really, will I? Not likely. I’ll have a million more excuses not to do them all at once. There’s the afghan that needs finishing, or the sweater, plus I need to start the Christmas gift knitting, and don’t forget that I need to do and outline for NaNoWriMo. November is coming up soon.

🙂  Hahaha…I have a never-ending inventory of excuses. So two for now, and two next week. I can handle it. At least until November. Then…we’ll see. Now I’m off to work on that afghan, and maybe I’ll mull over some ideas for that NaNo outline while I’m crocheting.

Save Yourself!!

Normally I don’t do movie reviews. This is in part due to the fact that I like just about anything. I like movies. Let me escape the world in which I live for two hours, and I’m usually happy. Yet here I find myself compelled to write about this one. Compelled, because I want to save everyone two hours of their lives. Drive is the worst movie I have seen in a long time. Maybe you’ve seen the commercials, or a trailer, and like me you thought it was going to be an action packed thriller. It’s not. Not even close. The commercials hinted at car chases, if you’ve seen the commercials you’ve seen all three of the best minutes of this movie.

Let’s start with the car chases, there is one which is mildly exciting for about a minute and a half. The other one is not particularly exciting. Moving on, the plot is thin, the characters are not particularly likeable, and the dialogue sucks (primarily because there is more soundtrack than dialogue). Oh, yes, and the soundtrack sucks.

Now there is some violence, but its crude and often unbelievable. It is a movie that appears to be trying for artistic, and maybe I’m just not an art fan. Reviews mention a powerful love story, but I found nothing moving at all about the “love story.” Worse even is that I wasn’t really sure, until near the end, that there was a love story. Even that aspect is vague and boring. The main character is almost completely played “deadpan,” and the love interest seems uncertain at best.

There are some aspects that reminded me of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, but it falls completely flat.

I just watched a trailer for this movie on YouTube, and I can honestly say that the whole movie is in that two and a half minute trailer, including most of the ending. Seriously, the whole story is in that trailer. The only thing missing is all the time in between those scenes where the characters stand/sit around looking at each other. And, of course, the last two minutes of the movie, which I only vaguely recall because I was so busy being disgusted that I had watched the whole thing hoping that it would get better and it never did.

My suggestion then is, if you have to rent the movie, watch the trailer first and then the last two minutes. Save yourself the full 2 hours.

Another Year Gone!

Wow! How fast a year passes when so many changes occur. All I can say in my defense is that sometimes one has to prioritize. I have so many hobbies that I love, I can’t even keep up with them all 🙂

This time last year my job was eliminated and I was moved to another position. Its a great deal more exhausting, but more rewarding as well. So I guess sometimes you just have to choose your poisons. Also in the last year, I have bought a new house, gotten married, and taken my youngest son (now 17) for a multitude of surgeries (nothing too serious, but certainly not fun). Progress on my novel has been minimal since I have hardly worked on it at all, but the stagnant time has brought about some interesting new ideas and 2 new characters. I haven’t even written them in yet, but I’m excited about getting back to that after the 1st of the year. NaNoWriMo was an epic fail for me with my lowest word count ever at just over 6000. Sad right? But then again if I had time to spend on writing, I would have finished and edited that darn novel by now. Oh well, in the interim, I did get back into doing some critiquing, but even that is way behind because it takes quite a bit of time as well.

More recently I have started on knitting some Mini Stockings for my girls at work. I’m on number 4 and I will need 14. I’ll fill them with candy and give them out the Friday before Christmas, then start my, much needed, vacation.

I’m hoping to get a lot of old, unfinished things done while on vacation, but I usually plan for more than I can actually do, so we’ll see how that goes. Also since the hubby is still not working, I’m sure he will be a huge distraction.

Happy Holidays!! 😀

Quick Update.

My home internet is back up and running after having to do without for the last year! Whoohooo!! 😀 This will make it much easier to get pictures up, and get some of my other accounts updated.

As for the shawl that I have been diligently struggling with, I have come to terms with less than perfection, and now it seems to be moving along much better. With only two weeks until the wedding though, I’m only hoping that I can finish.

My writing has continued to be postponed since I cannot give it the time it needs right now, but Maia is far from forgotten. In fact she is constantly in the background whispering new ideas, and I think that this time off that I have taken from the story may actually turn out to be productive in a sense.

My critiques are catching up quite nicely. I started out the new year way behind in my group, but I have (sporadically) been able to dedicate some time to this group and I am nearly caught up enough to submit my own manuscript. Too bad I haven’t anything worth submitting now. Ah, well, not to worry. By the end of spring, I imagine my fantasy novel will have taken back over my life, and will be near its end.

Happy Knitting!!!

Trying To Keep It Together

Okay, so I’m not doing as well on my shawl as I would like, but there’s still time. I am excited about finally starting to catch up on my critiques though. That’s been a hoot. There have been some good stories, unfortunately I can’t always get my critiques in on time, but I have gotten in a few. I’ve chosen four to do this week, and I’m hoping to actually get them all done. We’ll see though, right? I mean really, I don’t where I’ll find the time, with the wedding shawl, and the catering concerns. Oh and they do expect me to work at work sometimes. 😀

My project list is growing out of control, and I really wanted to try Script Frenzy this April, but I don’t know if I could possibly fit it in. Or even justify another writing project right now. I put down the story I was working on before to do the NaNo in November, and I haven’t been able to get back to it. I can’t wait until things slow down a little though, because I have some good ideas still, and as I believe I’ve  mentioned before, I had some great realizations come from NaNo, so I need to get that stuff on paper.

(BTW – I still have lots of great pictures but someone loaned out my flash card, so I haven’t been able to get them uploaded yet. So that’s still coming.)

Happy Critiquing!!

Mixed bag.

I’m feeling a little sad, or at least heavy-hearted about the Wedding Shawl. I had to rip back 20 rows last night. I am grateful at least that I had a lifeline, but it kinda sucks that it was so far back. My poor family doesn’t understand that this shawl could be worth the headache, but it is, and I will do it. Besides I keep telling myself that this will make me better at lace knitting, right? I maybe could have fixed the mistake, but 1) I was way too frustrated already, and my head might have exploded, and 2) it really needs to be right, after all this is for my only daughter’s wedding. So instead, I am simply in mourning. Also on the day of the wedding, I don’t want to be wondering the whole time “can anyone else see that mistake?”

On a lighter note, I am starting to catch up with my critiques. I fell way behind during NaNo and the holidays, but I’m making progress now, and I’m almost back up to 50%. Plus I have to go sit with a client for a visit, and I’ll have some time to read then, putting me one more step in the right direction for that.

Ah well, Happy Knitting 😛