I’m a mother of three. Two are finally grown, and my baby just turned 19. We’ve sent him off to college. For a bit anyway.

I love kids, but especially teens, although I can’t really explain why. I began working as a Youth Counselor in a residential program for teen girls about 10 years ago, and I absolutely love it! One of my favorite things, though is that we sometimes teach our girls to knit or crochet (crochet is safer) as a coping skill, and I sometimes get to share my second love with the girls.

I don’t often discuss work, but know that if I do any names or locations may be changed to protect the privacy of the clients.

I have a lot of hobbies and interests, so I tend to bounce around often. I am currently working on writing a fantasy novel.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Mama C

  2. Thank you for the like on one of my pages. (I think we sort of “met” on a mutual friend’s blog?)

    Anyway, now to poke around on your blog!

  3. *** giggles in the corner***

  4. Hi Kyred – Thank you for liking “Breaking Up” (I see you worked out the giggling) 🙂

  5. I have nominated you for a Sisterly Love Award …you have followed me for a while and I am grateful for that and I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  6. You have been tagged! I know what you are thinking. “Tagged? Like one of those animals that get shot with a tranquilizer dart and get a metal band on their ear?”

    Errr … sort of. But also, kind of like those award thingys. It just something that people have been doing on WordPress. Feel free to join in … or if time is being … well, time … then just enjoy the read and the tag.

    You can read about it here by the way:

    PS – An award…now this. oh…how will you find the time *grins*…by the way, I think I am behind on the Friday’s with Frost…ack!

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