I’m certain that I’ve mentioned my work. I believe that I may have also  made mention of St. Mary Euphrasia. While St. Mary Euphrasia left this world in 1868, it is interesting to look back at the lessons that she taught and her philosophy on working with women and children. Her’s were ideas that were far ahead of the times. We continue to examine, and attempt to practice, her teachings, and I would like to share some with you.

” Do remember,  you will never do any good when you correct unkindly. I am far from blaming those who, obliged by certain circumstances, correct strongly and firmly; however, it is by great gentleness that you will gain hearts and minds. Once you have won them, you will be able to do anything with people. You will calm these naturally rough characters, soften them and eventually gain them for God.”

St. Mary Euphrasia 
Conferences, P. 60


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  1. How very wise St. Mary Euphrasia was, leaving that doctrine behind. Gaining one’s heart and indeed trust is half the battle in making headway when there correction is required. Thanks for sharing x