First Time Fun or Startle Yourself Silly?


Well, it’s not a very good picture, but this is me shooting a 357 Magnum. The first thing that I learned about this gun was that one can also use 38 Special ammunition and it has a little less kick. So I shot it once with the .357s and then several times with the .38s. By several I mean that 4 of us went through a hundred of the .38s.

It was a big day for me as I have never used a gun before…ever. So it was my first day going to a gun shop, a gun range, and then actually shooting a gun. But that was not the end, no, I also shot a .22 rifle and a 9mm. We went to a friend’s house (strangely, no, we didn’t shoot at the range) where they have a target, just so that I could try out a few different weapons.

For any gun enthusiast out there I beg your patience with my terminology as I have only a beginner’s knowledge of what I’m talking about here. šŸ™‚

At any rate, I wish that I had been able to get the video to upload correctly because I do have a really great video of my step-daughter (15) shooting this gun and then screaming as soon as it went off. She was awesome. When we first got there, she was adamant that she was too scared to try, the guns were too loud for her. I assured her that I was pretty scared too, and I was going to do it. Eventually, they brought out the bb gun and my friend’s 8-year-old son shot it. So she decided to try that. From there it was pretty easy for her to transition to the .22 rifle. Neither of these was too frightening for her. At long last she wanted to try out the “big gun.” She shot it once and screamed, it was so funny, I thought that would be the end of it, but brave girl that she is, she tried it once more. I was really pretty proud of her. I mean, I was absolutely terrified when she was shooting that something bad would happen, but when it was done I was totally proud of how well she did.

Through all of this, I must say that I was almost as freaked out as she was when we got there. I listened patiently as my friend explained how to hold the gun and warned me about the slide on the 9mm. Then I took aim, held my breath and still closed my eyes when that gun went off. Funny right? Hilarious actually, for about the first hour that loud bang startled me every time. Luckily by hour two I was getting used to it and could fire off the full chamber in fairly quick succession…yanno, with my eyes open. šŸ™‚

I felt pretty good too, when I fired off 12 rounds (yes I had to reload) from the 357 and 11 of them made the target (a six inchĀ circumference). While we used theĀ silhouetteĀ for the 9mm and I hit it 15 out of 17. Not bad considering the 9mm recoiled in an unpredictable pattern and fired much faster.

All in all a very interesting day.


4 responses to “First Time Fun or Startle Yourself Silly?

  1. Oh my this left me a little stunned – from your Robert Frost postings to here you are firing a 357 Magnum! Is this purely for sport, or are you learning to master a gun for protection purposes?

    • It is a bit of a jump, especially for me. Ultimately, though it was a compromise for home security and hubby’s peace of mind. I’ve never really opposed guns, but at 43 years of age, I had never shot one either.

  2. I have never shot a gun either. I admit, they scare me!

    • They scare me too, but the longer we were out there shooting, the more comfortable I became. It was definitely an interesting experience.