No News is Good News…

First, my apologies for missing the regular Friday post, but I do have a decent excuse. Besides the fact that this last month has been super busy (OT at work, NatCroMo projects, keeping up with the hubby’s band schedule, oh yeah, and that kid I still have at home sometimes), I was also graced this last weekend with a new grandson. Yay!!!

Second, gratuitous baby pic, cause you know you want to see…



Third…it’s camp time…no silly it’s too cold still for real camping. It’s time for the 2013 CampNaNoWriMo! Which I will be joining, so if once again I seem to fall off the face of the earth, know that I am really just one story line away, and I shall return. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and a wonderful holiday!


10 responses to “No News is Good News…

  1. Precious Congratulations Grandma/Grandmother/Nanna/Nan 🙂 Does he have a name as yet? Hope you had a lovely holiday break too xx

    • Thanks…and you were close I get to be Nanny (this is number 2). His name is Cade Arkai (my son picked out the name and mom was on board).

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  3. Look at that little face!!!
    Happy birthday to Him!

  4. First – Yahhhhh for the new baby. Spoiling time!! woooo woooo. And yes…I want to know the name like Mumsy nod nods.

    Second – I am not getting notice that your posted a blog. Hmm…*kick wordpress … but not too hard because it is free after all lol*

    Thirdly – Camp WriMo !!!!! Though I am not doing that …I think they have 2 Camp WriMo’s now yes? Anyway … 1 month of writing madness is more than enough for me …. so … come November ….wooohoooo. I better start thinking of a book. I better start to plan. I had better outline. And think of characters. And and and and.

    Oh … maybe I should also think about editing last November’s book. Heh.

  5. Thanks Katie! His name is Cade Arkai. Sorry you aren’t getting notice, but wordpress has been kinda weird lately (I get all kinds of strange problems, like the notices not working, or only some of them come up…idk). And last but not least, yes there are two camp sessions. This year is April and July. But there is always November. 🙂

  6. Oh…that is unusual … Cade….pronounced Kay-dee?

    And yes …always November….I almost cannot wait. I really want to do more with the group that gets together to write too nod nods.

    • More like Kayd. Just one syllable.

      …and November is always great. I hope you can find time to get with that group. I think that always makes things more fun, although I don’t ever have time during November to get with a local group so all of my fun is online. Luckily I belong to lots of groups though and I get all the social interaction that I can stand. 🙂

      • Cade … it…one syllable. Is it a version of your name by the way?

        As for NaNo….nod nods…. I cannot waiiiittt lol. Well…I can given the fact that I am not doing either of the CampWriMo’s heh.