“…Back Up the Bus, Missy”

From February 19th’s post Training and Teething :

“Following the two hours of training, I went to “sit” with a kiddo who was causing a ruckus in the school and had to be removed. There I ended up sitting with two kiddos instead of one, and then off to work in the classroom where I had worked up until November.”

So…it’s not really funny anymore, but I thought I’d clarify this post’s title. I left out the teething part due to another of my ADD moments. (I swear, I was not attention deficit until I took this job. I’m beginning to think that attention deficit may be contagious.) Anyway, it was during my time in my old classroom that one of my girls was repeatedly biting me. I tease that she is teething, but really this is a sign of affection. She seems to have some Sensory Processing Disorders (I cannot diagnose, but let’s face it…after a few years one begins to recognize certain things). The end result is that she will pretend to bite people on the arms or shoulders. It appears with this particular kiddo that it manifests first as squeezing on people’s arms and then progressing to attempts to chew on their clothing, culminating in “pretend” biting with people that she trusts and knows won’t hit her. 🙂 My time spent with this kiddo is often filled with me repeating “…don’t bite…I know, but it’s not an appropriate thing to do…no, it doesn’t hurt, but you still can’t go around biting people.”

Meanwhile, for anyone who was wondering, I did talk to Sally a couple of weeks ago. She said she was doing well, but I’m still concerned that she was uprooted. She asked me to visit and to adopt her (I might have cried a little, but only later). I really miss that kid. At any rate, I haven’t been able to get through on the phone the last two weekends, so I did something that I rarely do anymore, and I wrote her note and mailed it. 🙂

I had some really cute note-cards so I just wrote her a brief message, but it really got me to thinking about the power of the written word. I put a lot of thought into that “quick” note. What it said was important. Whatever I said would be in writing for Sally to see and keep. “I haven’t forgotten you, and I still care.” Simple, yet complex, and once mailed I can’t take it back. So I had to be careful not to make promises (real or implied) that I couldn’t keep and yet still let her know that someone cares.

I think I got it right. I even like to think that she’ll be quite pleased when she gets it. (Who doesn’t love to get mail?)…and hopefully when I call her this weekend, I’ll get to talk to her. 🙂

ETA: The title is a quote from a co-worker that cracks me up every time I hear it.


4 responses to ““…Back Up the Bus, Missy”

  1. Oh … I remember that post about the child who they sent off elsewhere.

    It is good you wrote her. That is more powerful than email (which I take it she cannot get anyway) … it is tangible.

    I want to know how she is….I hope one day she finds not just you to trust.

    You are a good person. A very good person.

    • Thanks Katie! I know that she will trust others in her life, I just hope that she can learn to make good judgments about people and not always make people work so hard to prove that they care about her. (At the same time, I don’t want her to end up trusting everyone either…such a complicated world that we live in.)

  2. I also remember this, Kyred such a warm and caring soul you have and Sally is very lucky to have you in her life. My girlfriend has an autistic child (she is now 29) when she was younger she use to bite me on the shoulder, thankfully only lightly. One day I cam and she was in a ‘mood’ and hit me with a dog lead… precious. xx