Training and Teething

Today was quite the mixed bag. I spent the first two hours of my day in a LGBT training. To my surprise, this was actually quite fun. We had a wonderful speaker, which always helps.

Perhaps I should back up a step here, we are required to meet a certain number of training hours each year. I have been with the same agency for nearly 9 years and the “in-services” are offered monthly. For the most part these are the same year after year. At least two per year involve cultural diversity (LGBT is one), at the least one must be attended, then there is the mandatory substance abuse training, Seclusion/Verbal De-escalation, and Safety Day (both also mandatory)…etc, etc. The first year these are very exciting and educational, after that, kind of downhill. For example, I didn’t learn much at this particular training, but as stated there was a good speaker and we were able to have some good discussions.

Following the two hours of training, I went to “sit” with a kiddo who was causing a ruckus in the school and had to be removed. There I ended up sitting with two kiddos instead of one, and then off to work in the classroom where I had worked up until November.

I know that no one really wants to know this part, but I’m going to share anyway…I ended up in my old classroom because this class requires two staff, in addition to the teacher, and one of the staff decided to go home after a kid threw up on her. (Told you no one wanted to know 🙂 ). So anyway this should have been a crummy experience, but it really wasn’t. The client who likes to throw up on folks was removed for the day, and another of the girls was out of class leaving only three girls. My fellow staff and I had no problem getting the remaining girls to do what the teacher asked and finished out the day well. Then it was off to graduation where we got to see one young lady who has been with our agency for three years (the last two in our community based home) receive her high school diploma along with two of her peers. This is always great.

I then attended another hour of training (for something else), and then it was off to the dorm to teach a young lady how to crochet (you remember the girl who threw up on the staff??? yes, her). This young lady has been very excited to be learning to crochet. She’s only 10 years old and so it’s taking a little longer than teaching an adult, but she is so into it, I can’t help but get tickled about it. Yesterday we worked on starting the chain, but she struggled (we only worked for about 15 minutes) so today it was back to the chain stitch. She mastered this one and was off to make crochet chain bracelets for her friends and favorite staff. You know that thing she does, where she throws up on people because she’s upset (and yes, it is purposeful) is a really bad habit, but at 10 years old she’s so freakin’ cute!! Surely she can past that nasty habit. 🙂

Well, that’s about enough of that…I’m sure some of what I said doesn’t make sense out of context, so feel free to ask questions. Otherwise, I hope everyone is having a good week!


5 responses to “Training and Teething

  1. Hahaha…I just realized that I got myself off track and I didn’t finish out the explanation of the title. More later.

  2. Oh Kyred – priceless. I am so in awe of your ‘job’ though not the training side so much 😉 When you said she was only 10 years old…bless my heart sank. ‘People’ like you are inspirational and for a 10 year old to throw up ‘on cue’ as it were – well…you deal with it and do it marvellously it seems. Thank you for sharing with us more about YOU and you life 🙂 xxx

    • I must admit this 10 year old’s “talent” is new to me. What’s funny is that I have only seen her when she’s doing well, and she is so incredibly cute for me. Sometimes I get lucky.

  3. Hahaha….I read the entire thing and though…OMG….what is she going on about lol. Well, the training part was obvious…then you started talking about vommiting 10 year olds and crochetting lol.

    It was entertaining though 🙂