Obscure Saints or Great History?

I felt like a little share about what I do today…

While many of you have likely never heard of Saint Mary Euphrasia, the folks that I work with hold her dear in our hearts. Her birth name was Rose Virginie Pelletier, and she founded what is now known as the Contemplatives of the Good Shepherd. The sisters were dedicated to reaching out and helping the women and girls “in greatest need” throughout the world.

The organization where I work was founded by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in 1843 and continues to serve young women. Although we are no longer specifically run by the Sisters, they continue to remain involved and we continue to uphold the Good Shepherd values. Because their values are our values, they continue on through us.

The following quote, over 165 years old, continues to define what we do:

“We have the mission to welcome with open arms the most abandoned souls. There is no misery, no spiritual wound, however repulsive, that we should not try to cure with the help of grace.”   St. Mary Euphrasia


4 responses to “Obscure Saints or Great History?

  1. Kyred – though I love Frost – I do enjoy reading more about YOU and this is lovely. Thank you. xx

    • It was actually your comment on my last work-related post that made me realize how little I share about that part of my life. Ironic because I think about it a lot, I’ve just learned not to talk too much about it.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with what Mumsy said about finding out more about you. (Though I also understant the privacy needs as well.)

    Good on you … and the work that you help do there.