January Hiking

As strange as it may seem, when the weather turned cold I found myself craving a good hike. Mind you I haven’t done as much hiking in the last year as I would have liked, but I made a start. So choosing a trail is big deal. Too hard and you worry that you may get stuck out in the woods sick or unable to go on. Not hard enough, then no challenge. Finally a hike that appeared to be just my speed. My friend and I went today to hike at the Jefferson Memorial Forest. This time we went with a group that took the Yost ridge trail from the Welcome Center to the Blue/Mitchel Hill Lake trail. The group added a little detour to get a full 3.5 miles.

Here is the lake…


…and some scenery on the way…

DSCF6136 DSCF6138

Above is an overlook where we stopped for a “halfway” break. Random guys arm, as everyone was taking photos from here.



Today was actually a great day for a winter hike with temps between 36F and 43F and proper dress we were quite comfortable. The rain held off until after we finished the hike and had a light dinner so I couldn’t ask for better.

My friend, Stephanie, and I found the trail to be quite a challenge, but more serious hikers were way ahead of us. With an overall climb of 704 ft over the 3.5 miles of trail, I feel like we did pretty good. In fact the trail leader seemed pleasantly surprised that we finished the hike and weren’t too far behind. Although next time I think we won’t go with a group. I feel like we held them up a bit and although they were incredibly nice and never complained, I felt a little guilty about it. My friend is definitively obese and I myself walk the line on that one, plus I still have a bit of a cough left over from being sick a few weeks ago, so the trail leader’s concern was obvious right from the start. Yet, again I say…we made it and under two hours too (the goal is 90 minutes, we were over by 20). 🙂

So next Sunday, same trail, just Stephanie and me. By spring we should be in pretty good shape.



8 responses to “January Hiking

  1. Small steps lovely – that’s all it takes 🙂

  2. Ohh, I love going for hikes myself … but have never done so during ths time of year. That you even ventured out for a hike is a WIN!

    And while you might have felt like you were holding the other group back .. I suspect that they really didn’t mind. When I go for rides on my bike…and am in the rare occasion of being in a group…when someone goes a bit slower no one seems to mind…and we just enjoy the scenery that much longer.

    Ok…the first photo … if you look at the lower half, towards the middle rightish … it LOOKS like a whale’s tail sticking out of the water. I thought…of course not..that is a river, not the ocean…but…it really does look like it.

    • I thought that too after I uploaded the photos, it looks like there is something there, but when you zoom in really close it’s just where the lake is frozen over and that section has melted. You can see the reflection of the surrounding trees in the water. It’s actually a level surface even though it looks like something sticking up out of the water. 🙂

      • Oh wow…that is a lake??? I tried zooming in….I thnk you are wrong! IT’S A WHALE!!!!! (I am going with that because that is sooooo much more awesome.)

        This is what I will be telling people …”oh…I have a blog friend…she has a photo of an ORCA and it is BREACHING our of a frozen lake!”

      • That does make for a good story. 😉

  3. Hi kyred, just stopped by to thakn you for liking my last post. I appreciate it! Your pics here make me very envious. The desert here has a lack of great views. Again, thanks for the Like!

    • Your welcome, and thank you as well. Kentucky is definitely different from desert scenery. Lots of rolling green hills and trees. All part of the beauty and the challenge. 🙂