Frost & Viral Illness….

First…I would like to apologize for missing the last Friday with Frost post. Not a good way to start the New Year. Unfortunately, I was ill most of last week and accomplished very little. One day I was too sick to even work on any of my crochet projects, or surf the internet. Blah. I’m finally on the upswing now, though my cough lingers, I am feeling much better. So I shall have a new Robert Frost installment this coming Friday.

Second…I’m still playing catch up on many of the blogs I follow, so I hope that the New Year found you all well and happy, or at least trying to get there.

I did finish another afghan though, and have moved on to a third. (Pictures coming soon.) The second one comes with a bit of a story, as these have all been unfinished projects that have waited patiently for me to get to them. This one in particular, however, was not my unfinished project, but rather one that I inherited.

This lovely baby blue and white afghan is really quite special. You see, my Mother-in-law made many gorgeous afghans and gifted them to others. I myself am the proud owner of one of her many projects. My MIL spent nearly 10 years fighting cancer. This was all of her youngest grandson’s life. A year or so ago (at the ripe old age of 6) he caught on to the fact that his Mamaw had made these things for everyone, yet he did not have one. Having no fear and lacking none in self-confidence, he brought this up to her and let her know that she should really do this for him. Being a great grandmother, she started on an afghan for him. My MIL passed away last February. When hubby and his sister found the bags of yarn and the start of the afghan, they asked if I would finish it. How could I say no?

They found no pattern, just the yarn and the beginning of the project. So it was moved to my craft room where it has languished for the better part of the last year waiting for me to find the determination to get to it. I admit, I put it off at first because I had so many unfinished projects of my own, but I also had a fear that I would struggle to figure out the pattern. A fear that I might fail, after my family had put their faith in me. As it turned out, the pattern was super easy to follow, and I finished in no time.

So mark anther unfinished project off my list, and a special one at that. My SIL and nephew were beside themselves to have this project done. I am told that the nephew has slept with this blanket every night since I sent it over.


3 responses to “Frost & Viral Illness….

  1. Oh … .that was a wonderful thing you did for your nephew, brother, sister-in-law … and mostly, for your mother-in-law. My condolences on her passing too.

    I do look forward to seeing the photos of it when you post it … but wishes you to get better first *sends a gentle hug your way*

    As for the Friday’s With Frost poem this week … here…I found one for you … tis about being sick with a cough … and coming back when you are able *smiles*

    As I went out a Crow
    In a low voice said, “Oh,
    I was looking for you.
    How do you do?
    I just came to tell you
    To tell Lesley (will you?)
    That her little Bluebird
    Wanted me to bring word
    That the north wind last night
    That made the stars bright
    And made ice on the trough
    Almost made him cough
    His tail feathers off.
    He just had to fly!
    But he sent her Good-by,
    And said to be good,
    And wear her red hood,
    And look for the skunk tracks
    In the snow with an ax-
    And do everything!
    And perhaps in the spring
    He would come back and sing.”

  2. Beautiful! Very fitting, and thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

  3. Hope you continue to feel better. Happy New Year.