The End?

…and so NaNoWriMo 2012 has reached its conclusion and I still have the same 735 words with which I started. Ah, well…until next year then. Or maybe summer camp again. That has been the most successful for me. In any case, it’s never really over because there is always the next time. Now on to other things. Like those other two novels that I need to work on, or Christmas knitting.

Since I’ve finally made progress on the afghan that’s been sitting around for years, plus I’ve finished all the knitted/crocheted scarves for my classroom,  maybe I can get to making something for my own children. I haven’t picked out any patterns yet, but I was thinking some headbands would be nice for the girls. Also I found some fun soaps for the geek in your life (both of my boys fall into this category; we can talk about why another time). Digital Soaps is a fun little Etsy Shop that makes soaps for gamers. I can knit up some wash cloths to go with them and voila, great gifts!


8 responses to “The End?

  1. Three novels total in the works? Now that’s ambitious! Long form writing is incredibly difficult for me. I did finish a young adult novel this year, but it took a long time, and I feel far removed from objectivity in looking at it and judging its quality. Knitting? Ha. I would never finish an Afghan! Best of luck.

  2. NaNoWriMo is a tough challenge, but it does come around every November. Maybe next year will be your year!

  3. 735 words means you tried ….and as you said…there is next year…and CampWriMo (and Script Frenzy nod nods).

    Now…I want to hear about the geek boys lol.

  4. I love that you tried this year, I didn’t. My stay in hospital has mad m realize that what I do is important