Where Does the Time Go?

Time flies when you’re having fun. Sometimes even when you are not. I did two critiques for Critters this week. I’ve discovered that I am shamefully behind. One per week, that is all that is required. When I joined the group I could not fathom that it would be too much, and to be honest even now I have to say that it’s really not unreasonable. Yet, I have fallen waaayyy behind. I’m barely doing one a month. You know how it happens. First – It’s just one week, I’ll catch up. No big deal. Then – I’m just too busy, maybe I’ll do extra next week. But next week comes again and again and still nothing. Until eventually – Well, now it’s not even worth it, I’m so far behind it’s overwhelming…I’ll never catch up so I might as well not try.

Except that I am going to try. I’ve set myself a goal of two per week. I’ve decided it’s the best way. I mean, I could take a week off work and just get them all done at once, but really, will I? Not likely. I’ll have a million more excuses not to do them all at once. There’s the afghan that needs finishing, or the sweater, plus I need to start the Christmas gift knitting, and don’t forget that I need to do and outline for NaNoWriMo. November is coming up soon.

🙂  Hahaha…I have a never-ending inventory of excuses. So two for now, and two next week. I can handle it. At least until November. Then…we’ll see. Now I’m off to work on that afghan, and maybe I’ll mull over some ideas for that NaNo outline while I’m crocheting.


4 responses to “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. OMG…I am FREAKING OUT about NaNo lol…I have NO ideas….ack ack ack! lol

    • You’ll be fine. If you don’t have any ideas by the 29th, then you can always comb the forums on the NaNo site. You can adopt plot bunnies or anything else you need.

  2. Unfortunately in our hectic lives we always have excuses and most of them are necessary, good for setting yourself a goal and I hope you manage it 🙂 I’m not doing NaNo but if anyone wants some ideas …I maybe able to help?

    • Yep, lots of excuses. Thanks. As for NaNo…it does take a lot of time maybe you can join next year. 😉