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The Geraniums grew in really well this year. I can say that I did not kill everything this year, but these turned out beautifully with almost no care. Sadly the Sweet Peas died during the drought.

These are the tomato plants that have just grown wild. No one ever staked them, so once most of the hornworms died it just grew every which way…my husband is very annoyed since it makes cutting the grass more difficult. Meanwhile, I think that I will cage them next year just because they started growing over each other and I never know where I’m going to find the grape tomatoes. Sadly I have a great crop of Delicious Tomatoes growing in now and I’m afraid that the early frost is going to kill them off. Ah, well the joys of gardening. ๐Ÿ™‚


7 responses to “Back to Gardening

  1. Kyred I had a veg patch once, the pumpkins overtook half of said patch, the potatoes the same. The tomatoes were bird picked and the cucumbers grew so big they had little taste…ah yes gardening can be joy ..or not lol

  2. Right? I hadn’t done a garden in over 20 years and I’m just getting to remember how “hit or miss” it can be.

  3. Every time I go out into my garden I forget how much hard work it really is. Sorry to hear about the sweet peas, mine didn’t last very long either, I’m considering giving them a miss next year and sticking to roses ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I think I’m still going to give it a try next year, but maybe I’ll nurse them along a little more in the house.

      • I can understand why, their colour and scent certainly make it worth the effort. Growing the vegetables are a full time job so I’m taking the easy way out next year with colour and sticking to roses and bulbs! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. You will get the hang of it again ….don’t give up!

    And yes…either stakes for tomatoes…or cages (I like cages because they can hang over and be supported by the cross wires.)

    As for the potatoes that mum wrote of … noooooo you will never get rid of them hahahaha (I have potatoes growing…imagine that! lol)

    You get an A++++ for even just trying to garden. yah!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, I’m thinking cages next year, too. I didn’t this year because I thought they were all going to die. They didn’t look well and weren’t producing at all at first, then one day grew into these monstrous looking plants. It was really too late then, they were already too wild to tame without losing some of the fruit. All just lessons learned.