How Do You Get In the Mood to Write?

Glencar Falls, Ireland

This photo helps me. At least on my current story. I sometimes struggle to get into the mood to do any writing (this is a problem I have in many areas). Since my current fantasy novel involves a cross-country journey, this photo is perfect to get my mind-set for wilderness. And it brings back some great memories of my trip to Ireland.

I would love to go back and do a hiking trip across the country. It is beautiful country.

How do you get in the right mindset?


3 responses to “How Do You Get In the Mood to Write?

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if I had an easy answer, alas I don’t. I have commented on other posts for people in the same predicament. Some say you should set yourself a time during the day or night (like an assignment), others say not. Personally… well I have to just write when the urge overwhelms me. I cannot fit to a schedule, I cannot say today is the day I will write. Obviously it takes longer if you aren’t being strict in your regime, but I don’t think you can get the writing juices flowing if you’re on a schedule. So whenever I FEEL the time is right to write I do. Looking at pictures, listening to music and the obligatory glass of wine does help the cause however … 🙂 probably useless information but my ‘two bobs worth’ – hope it helps…kinda. (and in full agreement with I adored Ireland).

    • Ah, yes…Wine. Wine is good for everything. It is interesting that what helps one person may not really be helpful to another, but it is fun to hear other people’s thoughts on the subject. Like you, when the mood is right you have to do it, but I have so much to get done that I am trying to push through those moments when I just don’t want to. You just never know when you might hear that one bit of advice that is just right for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah yes I know where you are coming from, I have started my novel, 7000 words in and haven’t really done an outline. I threw some ideas around with my partner last night…hell he made it complicated( gawd luv him) but at least it’s given me ‘a direction’ of sorts. Continue pushing through, best you can, it will ‘click’ and you be in possessed mind once again. Thank you for liking my posts too and stopping by. 🙂