Daily Archives: September 16, 2012

Is It Possible to Finish a Novel In 6 Weeks?

Why yes, I do believe it is. I just finished the novel that I started for August’s CampNaNo. Okay, so it’s only a first draft and still needs work, but I can’t believe that it’s done already. It makes me wonder what I’ve been doing with the other novel that I’ve been working on for 3 years. Who knew that I could finish that fast? Not me.

It was difficult to finish. You know that feeling you have when you’ve read a good book and you reach the end? That sinking feeling because you know you will miss the characters? Finishing a novel is a little like that for me. I get all wrapped up in the story and the characters. I know things about them that I don’t even get to put in the story. I really think that is part of my problem, finishing means saying goodbye. I have a way¬†out now though, since there are several more ideas bouncing around for this character and the world in which she lives. Finishing doesn’t seem so final now. So next goal, finish the original idea, and outline a new novel for November.

Still, I am hoping to make November’s novel something a little different. I have a character that’s been patiently waiting. October will, hopefully, be filled with world building for the new world and outlining. Unless I don’t finish The Tales of Talamh. In which case I’ll be a rebel for November.

Write often, knit when you can and be good to each other.