Busy, Busy!

Well, I had no internet this last weekend, so I missed my Fridays with Frost spot this week. It will be back this Friday for sure. I also missed my free download from Barnes & Noble, I’m pretty sad about that too.

Meanwhile, my winning CampNaNo story is now up to 59,800 words. It should be finished soon. Well, you know the first draft. Then I can, hopefully, get back to my other novel. I’d like to finish it before the end of October so that I can get a jump-start on outlining a new story for November’s NaNo. I’ve an idea on the back burner for several years now and I’d really like to get to it this year.

I guess we’ll see how far I get, I still have a fair amount of knitting that I need to get to as well.

Here’s to the fact that sometimes endings just aren’t happy!

Have a good week  🙂


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