Gardening – Updates

So far here is what I have:

  1. Cherry Tree (Bing) – Doing well, may need staking due to wind.
  2. Cherry Tree (Black Tartarian) – Also doing well and may need staking.
  3. Delicious Tomatoes (4 plants) – These had already flowered and looked like they might die right after I planted them. Only one fruit came of the flowering, the others didn’t fare well. A little TLC and two applications of Miracle Gro for Tomatoes, and they have grown like weeds and are flowering again. Lots of flowers this time.
  4. Grape Tomatoes (6 plants) – All of these have produced fruit, and are ripening now, another round of blossoms have come up. I also used the Miracle Gro for Tomatoes on these.
  5. Strawberries (6 plants) – Sadly one has died, but two others have grown runners, so maybe there will be new plants next year. The remaining 5 plants have yielded their fruit (only a few berries most of which were plucked by critters) and are flowering again. (This variety is supposed to produce two harvests).
  6. Geraniums (12 plants) – These have done really well and have twice as many flowers now following a short seeding period.
  7. Eastern Redbud Trees (3 trees) – I am sad to report that trees #1 & 2 are not looking healthy at all, #1 has lost about half of its leaves, and #2 all of the leaves have turned brown. #3 is doing well. I don’t know why, they were all purchased at the same time, left in pots for about a week, planted at the same time and under the same conditions. Given the same watering and fertilizer. I am holding out until next spring though to see if they bud. If not, I guess I’ll buy 2 more.
  8. Sweat Peas (5 plants) – The vines have slowed growing with the heat, but still look healthy. I’ve added fertilizer and will increase watering to daily. One of these yellowed just a bit and I believe it was due to having some exposed roots. I am hoping that the added fertilizer (covering the exposed roots) will remedy this.
  9. Watermelon (9 plants) – One did not grow as well as the others inside, it was smaller and slower which appeared to be due to a separation at the base, still it survived the hardening off and had healthy looking leaves so they all went into the ground last week. So far, so good.
  10. Cannas (?) – I just planted these last Thursday, I don’t know if they will even grow due to planting so late. These were bulbs given to me by my FIL, and I’m not really sure how many there were. I just lined them up next to the house and covered them with dirt. Then two days later I added potting soil in the hopes of increasing the chance of growth.

The only other thing is that there has been some obvious critter damage to my tomatoes and strawberries. Nothing too invasive to the plant, but they’re eating my fruits. I’ve sprayed them all with a solution of water, dish soap and cayenne pepper. I read somewhere once that this is a natural deterrent for squirrels and rabbits. Hopefully it will work.

Have a good week!


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