Flat Characters and Plot Soup

I have been on vacation this week and due to getting a bit of the writing bug last week, I’ve spent most of my time working on my long neglected novel. It has been a lot of fun.

You see I put away my novel when I realized that it was missing some things and I could not seem to remedy the issues. Oh, I had a solution waiting in the wings, but I was not terribly satisfied with it. I needed to introduce new characters, but they simply lacked depth, and then of course they didn’t really add to the plot, only filled in space. No, I had to put it down. I needed the new characters for conflict, but I simply could not bear for them to be so boring.

Now, my windshield got broken on Friday and so Monday and Tuesday all I had to do (besides the normal household chores) was gardening and writing.

I had completed my outline for the August Camp Nano, and I did not want to get ahead of myself so I decided to go through the old novel. I have a couple of different copies so first I sat down and read through the one that was the most recent. I realized that I had a lot of good stuff in there and it seemed unfair to just give up on my characters. So I jumped back in with renewed vigor and I have written close to 15,000 words in just 3 days. Much to my excitement, it isn’t just drivel either, these are good quality words and real solutions to my story’s issues.

Also I have learned that the 2007 version of Word has a nifty, time-saving feature. ‘Compare.’ It will actually compare the different versions of my document and display the old, new, and combined documents in one screen. Cool, huh? Okay, a lot of you probably knew that, but I had no idea. Working for a non-profit, we are still using an older version.

Thanks a ton for letting me ramble. I was having a bit of a slow start this morning, but there is something about spending a few minutes writing, that always leads to more writing. At least for me.

BTW – In the event that the news has escaped anyone, Ray Bradbury passed away this week. The world has lost a beautiful mind.


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