Eastern Redbuds

I finally got the redbud trees planted. I’m still a little concerned that they were in the pots for so long, but they still look okay. It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow, and when it rained the other day my poor trees were all turned over in their containers. Hopefully now they’ll hold up better and root well. I’ve been so excited about these trees, I’ll just be devastated if they don’t take.

The rain also laid down all of my tomato plants, but they still look healthy with some new growth, and the grape tomato plants have at least four tomatoes each. I did some checking online regarding pruning and the most common recommendation was to prune new stems that tried to grow beneath the flowers and this seems to have worked. So far, at least the plants look healthy, we’ll see how the fruit comes out. Meanwhile the strawberries had a few rough days. They weren’t looking too well, but they’ve perked back up now, except for one, and they are still growing berries.

Now the watermelon bed is the only thing left and that’s on the to-do list for tomorrow if the rain holds off long enough, or stops early enough. Either way.


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