Memorial Day

I hope everyone has gotten to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. Sadly, I had to work today, but that didn’t keep me from having a great time over the weekend. My cousin, his wife and dad had a huge cookout in Brandenburg (read middle of nowhere). They went all out this year. They’ve put in a pool and a 175 ft slip n’ slide. My cousin and my uncle own adjoining properties in the country and the amount of land they have, for non-farmers at least, is pretty impressive. Needless to say the kids ran wild until they ran out of energy and the grown ups alternated between the shade and the air conditioning. Although some of us did brave the pool with the kids. Even though I didn’t want to get in with all of those small children in the pool, I was really glad I did. It was a great way to cool down, and I stayed cool after I got out.

In other news…several of my poor plants still need to be put in. In the last week, I still haven’t managed to get much done, but I just keep tending everything. This has been  the hottest week so far this year (96 degrees yesterday), so everything has to be watered. The tomatoes have held up better than I thought they would and need to be staked now as some of them are getting too top-heavy.

Happy Gardening!


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