Tomatoes and Watermelon Seeds

The tomatoes and strawberries are in the ground. Yay!! I don’t have a tiller and the space had to be dug up and prepped by hand. It was a lot of work, so I really hope its worth it. I put in four Delicious Tomato plants and six Red Grape Tomato plants. The six strawberries went in today too, all with a little help from my youngest step daughter. Now to make room for the watermelon. I started them from seed just last Sunday and already have nine good, strong-looking plants. They will need a lot more room, but I believe I’ve picked a good spot. We will see.

This morning my step daughter and I were fortunate enough to make it to Bernheim forest for their plant sale, and they had the eastern redbud trees I’ve been looking for, and though considerably smaller, much more reasonably priced than the nurseries near me (Nursery want $100 each, and I paid $15 each). The trees are all 2 – 3 feet tall and ready for planting. I’m so excited about finally getting them. So now the trees and the Cannas need to be planted, and then I’ll just have the watermelon left.

I’m so excited about gardening this year that its kinda funny. I have no idea why, maybe its just because of the new house, but whatever, I’m having a blast, and some of the kids are getting a pretty big kick out of it too.

Happy planting!!

ETA: Also, I’m very excited to report that everything I’ve planted so far (geraniums, cherry trees, sweet peas) have all survived.


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