Woohoos are in …

Woohoos are in order. Two more Sweet Pea saplings came up so now I’m up to five. Yay. I transplanted them into the yard on Saturday.

In other gardening news, I have planted two semi-dwarf cherry trees in the front yard a week ago. I’m super excited about these, and so far so good. They get a little wilted looking in late afternoon, but perk back up quickly in the evening with a good watering. The trees are about three years old and maybe four feet tall, so I probably shouldn’t worry, but I have no experience with fruit trees so I’m terrified of killing them.

I’ve also filled my flower bed with geraniums. We’ll see how well take, but I planted half of them about a week ago, and the rest last Saturday. The reason for the split time frame is simple, I thought I would only need six, but I needed twelve. The flower bed is bigger than I thought.

We just moved into this house last August and there was very little landscaping done, so we get to start almost from scratch. The only thing left (landscaping wise) is the Cannas that I want to put along side the house.

Next is to dig up a vegetable/fruit garden. I have tomotoes, grape tomatoes and strawberries ready to plant. I started watermelon seeds inside last s


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