Hiking Season Has Begun In Kentucky

…but sadly I am very out of shape. I went on my first hike of the year last Sunday. I went out to Taylorsville Lake State park with a wonderful group of ladies the Trail Dames of Kentucky, whom I had found through MeetUp. A friend, my sister and I all went. It was a nice beginner hike. The pace was fair and there were some hills, but nothing too steep or long. So then I got the hiking bug and joined another MeetUp hiking group, and RSVP’d for a hike today. This one was at the Jefferson Memorial Forest. A place that I went to numerous times when my children were young, but had not hiked very many of the paths. There were nearly 30 people present for the hike including my friend and I, and just after 2:00 pm. we started out on the Siltstone Trail. About 15 minutes in, I was wondering just how high we were going to climb. My legs ached, my lungs were burning, and I was already sweating (in my defense it was 80 degrees and sunny). No pain, no gain right? So my friend and I persevered. What else can you do? We pushed forward, and every time I thought I might catch my breath we went upwards again. All along knowing that I couldn’t even consider loosing my footing because to the right of the narrow path was nothing but a long drop off. Finally we began to move downward again, but I could see that ahead, just a short distance, the trail led upwards again. Feeling sick, I told the sweep that I needed to stop for a minute. Wonderful folks really, the entire group stopped so that I could catch my breath, and try to get over my nausea. After just a minute though we pushed on, mostly because I didn’t want to hold up the group any longer, they would have waited. Finally, we came to a trail intersection with a covered seating area, and it was at this point (only 45 minutes into the hike), that I began to think that I was not going to make it. The trail intersected at a wheelchair accessible (paved) trail that I knew led back to the lake and our waiting vehicle. I approached my friend about bailing out, and two other women mentioned that they might be ready for some easier terrain as well. The group’s organizer pointed out that we were nearly to the end of our planned hike, and the other two ladies decided to continue. Still feeling sick, though, I was not so easy to appease. I inquired as to just how much further we had, and I didn’t really hear the answer because he pointed to the trail going up a really steep incline, and I did not need to know anymore. My friend and I bailed. Though we did very much enjoyed the relaxed pace and no climbing on our return path.

Lesson: I am super out of shape. I used to do this stuff all the time and loved it. Sadly, a few years of low intensity hiking and 2 years with none at all due to an injury have taken their toll.

I will return to do the Siltstone Trail. I will not be beaten, but for now I will concede to needing to work up to that one. Meanwhile, my friend and I are still very excited about hiking, and will continue to do so as the year progresses.

Happy Trails 😀



3 responses to “Hiking Season Has Begun In Kentucky

  1. I am glad that you had fun on your first Trail Dames hike!!! I hope you come back and hike with them, too, cause in the Dames, being slow and out of breath is totally normal!! 🙂 🙂 We are built for women like you (and me). 🙂 🙂
    I am coming to hike with the KY Dames at some point, and really hope to meet you!!! 🙂
    Anna , aka Mud Butt
    President and Founder, Trail Dames

    • Thanks for your comment. I am definately going to hike with the Trail Dames again. Judy was great, and I had a great time!

  2. My Sweetie and I love to walk, and every once in awhile I think we would also enjoy hiking (more exertion than walking, less joint stress than running). But with my sense of balance, drop-offs at the edge of the path seem to be a bad idea, in general. Kudos to you (and friend) for taking the challenge, and also for knowing your limits. There is no exercise that is worth the pain(s) that can stop you for weeks if you overdo!