Save Yourself!!

Normally I don’t do movie reviews. This is in part due to the fact that I like just about anything. I like movies. Let me escape the world in which I live for two hours, and I’m usually happy. Yet here I find myself compelled to write about this one. Compelled, because I want to save everyone two hours of their lives. Drive is the worst movie I have seen in a long time. Maybe you’ve seen the commercials, or a trailer, and like me you thought it was going to be an action packed thriller. It’s not. Not even close. The commercials hinted at car chases, if you’ve seen the commercials you’ve seen all three of the best minutes of this movie.

Let’s start with the car chases, there is one which is mildly exciting for about a minute and a half. The other one is not particularly exciting. Moving on, the plot is thin, the characters are not particularly likeable, and the dialogue sucks (primarily because there is more soundtrack than dialogue). Oh, yes, and the soundtrack sucks.

Now there is some violence, but its crude and often unbelievable. It is a movie that appears to be trying for artistic, and maybe I’m just not an art fan. Reviews mention a powerful love story, but I found nothing moving at all about the “love story.” Worse even is that I wasn’t really sure, until near the end, that there was a love story. Even that aspect is vague and boring. The main character is almost completely played “deadpan,” and the love interest seems uncertain at best.

There are some aspects that reminded me of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, but it falls completely flat.

I just watched a trailer for this movie on YouTube, and I can honestly say that the whole movie is in that two and a half minute trailer, including most of the ending. Seriously, the whole story is in that trailer. The only thing missing is all the time in between those scenes where the characters stand/sit around looking at each other. And, of course, the last two minutes of the movie, which I only vaguely recall because I was so busy being disgusted that I had watched the whole thing hoping that it would get better and it never did.

My suggestion then is, if you have to rent the movie, watch the trailer first and then the last two minutes. Save yourself the full 2 hours.


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