Back to Crafting

Once again I am back to work on the knitting and crochet that I have left abandoned for oh, so many months. I am currently trying to finish an afghan that I started for my oldest stepdaughter. It was a gorgeous pattern, but sadly, it was left laying for so long that the pattern has been removed from the internet. Somewhere is a printed copy, but since I moved over the summer there are some things that have gone MIA. They are here, somewhere, yet it turns out I have a ton of craft stuff and things are just hard to find sometimes. Someday I am going to organize that mess, meanwhile, I have re-created the pattern through trial and error. The good news is that the squares (wagon wheel squares) are a distinctive pattern and were pretty easy to figure out. The triangles for the edges were a little harder, but now they’ve been dissected as well. I hope to actually finish this blanket soon.

Geometric Blanket

This is the beginning of project.

It will be gorgeous when its finished. The question is, Will I actually finish?
Happy crafting!



One response to “Back to Crafting

  1. Of course you will! Forge on!!