Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement! I am back on track for NaNoWriMo. It feels pretty good to have my word count right on target, and to still feel like I am writing a story. It may not be my best work ever, but I have managed, so far, to not abandon my plot or my integrity. Although with NaNo I will say my integrity may have been compromised from the beginning.

Just in the two years that I have done NaNo, I have seen a lot of writers who have become frustrated and quit. Last year, I learned the power of enjoying the writing for the sake of the writing. I reached a point in my story that I too had become frustrated, and uncertain about where my characters were going. I needed to do research and had no time to do it. Therefore I plucked a “cheat” from the NaNo forums in the form of a dare, and not only did it add five pages to my story, but it got me back to thinking creatively. Now, I did not finish last year primarily because November is really not a good month with the Thanksgiving holiday, and Christmas looming on the horizon. However, I had more fun than I had expected, and I was very proud of my 25,000 word count since I had quit somewhere in week three due to time constraints. In fact despite setting my novel aside I still felt that I had some really good ideas and some good pieces of writing. Therefore I came into NaNo this year with the idea that it would be fun. I planned very little for my story, and I accepted that I would be “cheating” my way to the finish.

A “dare” novel. That was my brilliant idea. Because it didn’t matter if it was publishable. I have a job, and I’ve never aggressively pursued publication anyway. Why ever would I care if no ever read it. So integrity awash, and caution thrown to the wind I began NaNo this year knowing full well my novel could be complete trash when it was finished. In a happy surprise for myself, I have actually begun to think that my novel is pretty good. Not publication quality by any means, but still a fun and silly story that I may one day share with friends and family around the camp fire. It turns out that using a number of dares from the forums have kept the ideas fresh and continuous without obliviating the plot.

So on that note, Happy noveling to all of the great writers out there (published or not)!!!   😀


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