Yay!! Tomorrow is the KyCelticFest . My friend & I had such a great time at the Renaissance Fair this year, we couldn’t wait to go again. This festival is in the same location, with many of the same vendors. I can’t wait! I also can’t wait to buy my new waster, so I can get started on practicing from my new training manual. (We’ll see how that goes. LOL.) 🙂

The sword training is part of the research for the novel I’ve been working on. I thought that my descriptions would likely be more accurate if I had a little experience, and of course I totally think it will be lots of  fun too.  Turns out I could have gotten most of my info from my boys. I found out after I did a ton of research on european swords & sword fighting that my oldest son did a short stint in the SCA. I knew he was interested and even encouraged him to join, yet somehow I missed out on the fact that he did join (he’s 22). Turns out it didn’t last long though because he took a second job and didn’t have the time for it, but he said it was fun.

It’s actually a little funny that I was also doing research for this story when I stumbled upon the Appalachian Trail info. It may take a long time to finish this story, but I’m having sooo much fun doing it. 😀

Have a great weekend!!


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