Hiking the Appalachian Trail??

Wow…Time flies by and the world keeps turning around me. I won’t bore anyone with the details of my crazy life which lead to a long time of not posting, but I will have to say that while it was the craziness which lead me astray, sadly it was other obsessions that have kept me away for far too long.

In any case, during my blog hiatus I discovered the Appalachian Trail. Just over 2100 miles of hiking trail along the Appalachian Mountains. I am super excited about the possibility of section hiking this trail in the near future. I have always been a fan of hiking, but I have never attempted to undertake anything as rigorous as this trail. I’ll have to make all the standard preparations, buying equipment, and route planning, but I’ll also have to do some training. My 16 year old son is very excited about doing this with me, and we are planning to do the hike a week or two at a time over several years. He, of course is in great shape thanks to marching band, but I (at 40) sprained an ankle back in December, and have finally got it healed up. It was a really bad sprain which I apparently over “babied” and so had to do a little at home physical therapy for about 3 months. Thanks to my doctor’s advice it is so much better now, but I will have to work up to the all day physical demands of hiking this trail. Right now my son and I are planning some “normal” hikes…rough terrain, but only an hour or two at a time. This ridiculously hot summer has kept me indoors too much already, and I am super amped about the cooler weather we’ve been having (80’s instead of 90’s).

Hopefully by next spring we will be able to spend some time on day hikes, and one of the State Parks here in Kentucky has a “backcountry” campground. I don’t recall at the moment which park it was, but I think it was about a 7 mile hike to the campground, and then another half day back out. I think that will be a good testing ground for us both.


Knitting: I have not done any knitting this summer, but have worked diligently on crocheting baby blankets. I’ll try to get some pics & links up this weekend.

Writing: My poor character sits alone and neglected right now. About two months ago I had a little free time and knocked out another chapter, but sadly there has just been too much else to do. As she waits patiently, I know that I will return to her as her story is never far from my mind, and I still love it.

Critiquing: I have fallen behind on my Critters percentage, but I have managed to maintain at least one a month (a minimum requirement not to get auto-booted from the system). I do have a plan to catch up though, and I do not think that I am so far behind that I will need to reset my count.

Here’s to hoping that everyone can spend time enjoying their favorite hobbies!! 🙂


2 responses to “Hiking the Appalachian Trail??

  1. Oh, I just watched a documentary on the Appalachian Trail. It’s so amazing. It seems that it takes an average of 6 months to complete for those who hike it straight through (I’s love to have the time to do that). One of the hikers that was featured was 70! What an adventurous soul he must have to do at 6 month hike at that age.

    I can promise you that the bits of the AT that I have seen in New England are breath taking.

    The best advice I got from the documentary was pack as little as possible. There was a hiking supply store on the trail that makes big bucks mailing hikers extra supplies back to their homes!

    • I would also love to have the time to complete the thru-hike, but alas I couldn’t possibly afford to be out of work that long. 😦

      I haven’t seen the documentary, but I’m sure its wonderful. I have, however, spent a lot of time checking blogs and websites of people who have either done the AT or are frequent long term hikers, and I know you are right about the packing light. Several people have mentioned in their blogs that its actually cheaper to resupply near the route than to over prepare and have a lot of leftovers. Besides its a good way to contribute to local economies rather than the big chains. Everybody wins. 🙂