Quick Update.

My home internet is back up and running after having to do without for the last year! Whoohooo!! 😀 This will make it much easier to get pictures up, and get some of my other accounts updated.

As for the shawl that I have been diligently struggling with, I have come to terms with less than perfection, and now it seems to be moving along much better. With only two weeks until the wedding though, I’m only hoping that I can finish.

My writing has continued to be postponed since I cannot give it the time it needs right now, but Maia is far from forgotten. In fact she is constantly in the background whispering new ideas, and I think that this time off that I have taken from the story may actually turn out to be productive in a sense.

My critiques are catching up quite nicely. I started out the new year way behind in my group, but I have (sporadically) been able to dedicate some time to this group and I am nearly caught up enough to submit my own manuscript. Too bad I haven’t anything worth submitting now. Ah, well, not to worry. By the end of spring, I imagine my fantasy novel will have taken back over my life, and will be near its end.

Happy Knitting!!!


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