Trying To Keep It Together

Okay, so I’m not doing as well on my shawl as I would like, but there’s still time. I am excited about finally starting to catch up on my critiques though. That’s been a hoot. There have been some good stories, unfortunately I can’t always get my critiques in on time, but I have gotten in a few. I’ve chosen four to do this week, and I’m hoping to actually get them all done. We’ll see though, right? I mean really, I don’t where I’ll find the time, with the wedding shawl, and the catering concerns. Oh and they do expect me to work at work sometimes. 😀

My project list is growing out of control, and I really wanted to try Script Frenzy this April, but I don’t know if I could possibly fit it in. Or even justify another writing project right now. I put down the story I was working on before to do the NaNo in November, and I haven’t been able to get back to it. I can’t wait until things slow down a little though, because I have some good ideas still, and as I believe I’ve  mentioned before, I had some great realizations come from NaNo, so I need to get that stuff on paper.

(BTW – I still have lots of great pictures but someone loaned out my flash card, so I haven’t been able to get them uploaded yet. So that’s still coming.)

Happy Critiquing!!


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