Mixed bag.

I’m feeling a little sad, or at least heavy-hearted about the Wedding Shawl. I had to rip back 20 rows last night. I am grateful at least that I had a lifeline, but it kinda sucks that it was so far back. My poor family doesn’t understand that this shawl could be worth the headache, but it is, and I will do it. Besides I keep telling myself that this will make me better at lace knitting, right? I maybe could have fixed the mistake, but 1) I was way too frustrated already, and my head might have exploded, and 2) it really needs to be right, after all this is for my only daughter’s wedding. So instead, I am simply in mourning. Also on the day of the wedding, I don’t want to be wondering the whole time “can anyone else see that mistake?”

On a lighter note, I am starting to catch up with my critiques. I fell way behind during NaNo and the holidays, but I’m making progress now, and I’m almost back up to 50%. Plus I have to go sit with a client for a visit, and I’ll have some time to read then, putting me one more step in the right direction for that.

Ah well, Happy Knitting 😛


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