Tis the Season

Busy, busy. I haven’t had much time the last few weeks, but I just wanted to post an update. I recovered from my “stall out” and was back in the swing pretty quickly. I finished the Baby Yeti sweater, and the bonnet that I was working on.

I didn’t finish NaNo, but I had a great time doing it and will definitely try to be more prepared for it next year. I don’t feel too bad about my stats though. I finished with just over 25,000 words. Only half of the requirement, but not too shabby for a first timer. Next year, I’ll try to have more of my Christmas knitting done earlier so that I won’t feel the pressure of having so many things going, and maybe I’ll be better able to stick to the daily word goal. It was unfortunate that this year MIL’s cancer returned, and some of my “lost” time was spent at the hospital. But those are things that we can’t plan for, and I know that I’ll be looking forward to next years NaNoWriMo all the same.

Moreover, I have started and finished two scarves and I’m moving on to mittens for the grand baby. Wish me luck on that one! 😉 I’ve never done mittens before, so I’m hoping I can manage that thumb.

Pictures coming soon. (I forgot to get pics of one of the scarves & I don’t know if I can get it now, but I’ve got all the others.)

Happy Holidays!!! 🙂


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