Stalled Out.

This seems to be my time to run out of steam. I stalled out on the Baby Yeti due to uncertainty. Then I needed a new project to take to the hospital with me last week for MIL’s surgery,  so I started on a Baby Bonnet. It will be too cute when its done 😉

So Baby Yeti is on hold, although I really only have about 10 ro 15 rows and a little sewing to do. I’m just afraid to get back to it and not have enough yarn to finish. I know, I am “ridiculous”, as a co-worker so kindly put it this morning.

Meanwhile, I have also stalled out on the NaNoWriMo. I fell behind last week, and I almost caught up by Sunday with a 23,000+ word count, however, I’ve had no time at all to work on it this week. Maybe I’ll catch up again on the weekend. Interestingly, I have not lost interest in the story, so I still feel hopeful that I’ll catch up.

Next year though, I think I’ll try to remember this experience and get some of the Xmas knitting done early so I can have more time to dedicate to NaNo. Oh, and a laptop would help, but I’m not really sure how much. All I know is that I don’t have access to one since my poor, grounded kid, ruined the SO’s.

Ah well, C’est la vie, n’est pas?

Hope everyone’s Nano writing is going well, and happy knitting. 😀


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