More NaNo

Okay, so we’re four days in and I’m at 4230 words. The goal was 5000 for yesterday, but I don’t feel too bad about being a little short since I’ve already missed a day. No worries. Now that I’ve decided on a plot the writing is going much more quickly. I wrote 2900 words in just a few hours last night. I’m on a roll now. My daily  mantra  “do not delete,” also seems to be helping. I think that is really the hardest part, because I want soooo much to edit as I write. Luckily I was already working on this compulsion with my latest novel, and I’m getting better.

Interestingly, as I was contemplating this new story, I realized I had made a fatal flaw in character with my current fantasy novel. As I was working out traits for my new MC in my head, I realized that I had obscured my original intention for the fantasy MC, and now I’ll have to back and fix her. I guess I had thought I’d made improvements, but in retrospect the original ideas I’d had for her were much better. I’m determined though, not to fool with it until at least December. Maia and I were due for a break anyway. I’m hoping to just finish the novel when I get back to it, and then fix the character mistakes in the first edit. That should work for me, since I’m already over 66,000 words into that novel. I’ll just make some notes about my original intentions for the character, so I don’t forget.

Happy Writing! Best of luck to all who are participating!


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