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Inga Bag

Yay!!! I finished my Inga Bagthis weekend. The original crochet pattern is available on Ravelry for free. I used mitered squares instead of the crocheted squares, as suggested by a fellow Oddball (one of the Ravelry groups I belong to). It was a C/KAL for the Oddballs group, and I was way late in getting mine done, but it was a fun project that I was able to carry around a work. I have a lot of time (sometimes) that I spend waiting, and I like to keep a small project with me. Unfortunately I didn’t have as much time to work on it as I would have liked, and I ended up spending almost three months on this project. Really though, it could have been done in just a couple of days.

There are 16 squares. After I sewed the squares together, I did a row of sc around the top of the bag, I think it looks neater, but I also hate to weave in ends, and this was a quick way to cover all those loose strings. I took a while to figure out how to make the handles, but to get the effect that I wanted I finally settled on knitting them horizontally. So that was, to cast on 80 stitches (sz 5, same as my squares). For each row I sl the first st, and kbl (knit through the back loop) for the last stitch. K the first row, then decrease one stitch at each end for 6 rows (my decreases were k2tog). K the next row, and then increase one stitch at each end of the next 6 rows (my increases were k front & back of the same stitch), then bind off. That gave me the inverse V that I wanted to sew the straps on neatly.

So I added a picture of the bag to the gallery (I think). I hope its in there, and you can find it, since I’m not sure if I can. 😀

Happy knitting!!!

ETA: The picture said it went to the “gallery,” but I have no idea where that is. I’ll give it another try.


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