Daily Archives: September 17, 2009


Wow! I feel like I’ve run a marathon today, and I still have so much left to do. You know, it’s that feeling you have when nothing goes as planned. You thought you had X amount of time to complete something, but suddenly something else comes up and you end up trying to squeeze everything you had planned into the day along with the stuff you hadn’t planned.


The good news is that it kinda feels like I’m stuck in Overdrive. I’ve actually made it work, and if I don’t crash before I get home, maybe I’ll actually get some writing done tonight. I’ve had the hardest time spending any time on my writing this week. The ideas just keep flowing, but the time to sit down with them just isn’t happening. Tonight would great! I have so many things I want to try out in my story right now. I’m going to try to convince the kid & SO that I need to work on this all weekend. Wish me luck! We’ll just see how that goes. 😛

Oh yeah, I’ve almost finished the Inga Bag that I’ve been working on too, I don’t think I’ll be working on that at all tonight though. All I have left is the straps. I’ve already sewn the squares together and everything (quite impressive for me), and I started the first strap, but I don’t think I like it. I’ll have to work on it when I have time to sit down and think it through. I’ve made my bag off the same principle, but I used mitered squares. Someone in my Rav group suggested it, and I thought it would be fun. The problem is, that I wanted to knit the straps as well, but I’m having some issues with the vision. Oh, well. If I don’t get to it this weekend, I’ll have some time next week at work since I have to sit with a kid who’s been suspended from public school. 😦    Well, sad for her. Yeah for me. 😉