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I caught this story on the news last night, and I can only imagine that it belongs under the heading of WTF! Woman wants more.

Seriously??? Why are people so greedy? Is this woman and her husband saying that they wouldn’t have given the information without payment? I mean really, if you had something that was of sentimental value to someone else (or information on the whereabouts), wouldn’t you want to help out?

I can’t imagine suing a guy that just gave me $25,000 for making a phone call.

There is so much wrong in the world that everyone thinks they are entitled to whatever they want. This is almost as bad as the crazy chick that sued McDonald’s because the coffee was hot! Really??? Hot coffee, my God, what were they thinking???

Grrrr! Okay…that’s my rant for today. Well, maybe. It will do for now anyway.

Update. I don’t know, maybe they didn’t read the fine print, but rumor has it that they’ve turned down the $25,000 that was offered to them. Hmmmm.


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