Hello world!

I had a blog on Yahoo’s 360, and sadly they have long gone. I fear that I had been terribly neglectful of that blog over its last few months anyway. My blog then was primarily dedicated to my knitting and crocheting. Unfortunately, I had become distracted by a sudden urge to write a novel. Okay, maybe it wasn’t really sudden, as that novel has been on the back burner for about 6 years. At least I had a sudden urge to actually start doing something with it.

So here, I will discuss any and all of my many hobbies. I look forward to sharing experiences with everyone who shares my passions.

All comments are welcome, but I do ask that you keep them polite. Rude, obscene, or disrespectful comments may be deleted. (Its a shame that I have to state that, but given the experience of numerous fellow bloggers, I feel it necessary to say.)


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