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I have recently joined, Critters Writers Workshop. I’m not sure where exactly I found the post, but suffice it to say that I’ve been frequenting writer’s, agent’s and editor’s blogs, and somewhere in one of the comments this site was mentioned. The commenter stated, along with several others, that critiquing had been a big help in their own writing. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah, that would be because I don’t always think things through.

At any rate, I’ve only been a member for a week and I’m already having a lot of fun with this. At first I thought it was going to be like work (you remember high school, when you had to analyze everything you read), but its really not.

And now another gratuitous plug for the Green Community…

That said I think it just started raining, and my car window is down. 🙂

Happy Knitting, and Good Writing!!!


Hello world!

I had a blog on Yahoo’s 360, and sadly they have long gone. I fear that I had been terribly neglectful of that blog over its last few months anyway. My blog then was primarily dedicated to my knitting and crocheting. Unfortunately, I had become distracted by a sudden urge to write a novel. Okay, maybe it wasn’t really sudden, as that novel has been on the back burner for about 6 years. At least I had a sudden urge to actually start doing something with it.

So here, I will discuss any and all of my many hobbies. I look forward to sharing experiences with everyone who shares my passions.

All comments are welcome, but I do ask that you keep them polite. Rude, obscene, or disrespectful comments may be deleted. (Its a shame that I have to state that, but given the experience of numerous fellow bloggers, I feel it necessary to say.)